Hershey’s working to make healthier candy bars

Good news for anyone with a sweet tooth!  In an article by CBCNews, Hershey’s has decided to work towards making a healthier candy bar in a move to appease consumers

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Who are the five Most Mysterious People of all Time?

Throughout history there have been people who have gone unidentified, disappeared or remained anonymous despite the best efforts to track

Men Snowboard and Ski in NY

In this video we can see the YouTube creator, Casey Neistat, snowboarding down the streets of NY in the major

Microsoft Acquires MinecraftEdu

In 2014 Microsoft acquired the popular building block game called Minecraft. Microsoft has been pushing the game to many more

HP Sprout Pro Means VR 3D Printing

Next month HP’s Sprout Pro will be released with a steep price tag of $2,199. The specs of the machine

Glenn Frey Passed Away At Age 67

The Eagles’ guitarist, Glenn Frey, passed away at the age of 67 on January 28th, 2016 in New York. His

Former Power Ranger Stabs Roommate

Ricardo Medina, one of the former Power Rangers in Wild Force and Samurai, was arrested on January 31st over an

Not Today (The Building Is On Fire Remix)

Schmoyoho has done it again! They are the people that brought amazing songs such as Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder.

Under Armour’s Health Box Provides Best Solution

Under Armour has the Health Box and UA Band available for pre-order. It looks like a very promising piece of

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood has been under fire for over a year regarding the abortion of late stage fetuses and also the

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The old question: Where should we eat?

https://youtu.be/USRyuHerjf0   It’s inevitable… your hungry and with your spouse, friends or significant other and you want to go to a restaurant but neither of you have an opinion on

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Making breakfast, lunch and dinner with a microwave and mug

Who would have thought that you could make breakfast lunch and dinner with a mug and a microwave.  In this

Crazy Man Drives His Boat into Waterspout

Have you ever had the urge to drive your boat into a waterspout?  No?  Then you are probably sane and

Ghosts in Japan like to take Cabs too.

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan killed almost 16,000 people and left 2,572 people missing and a

How to Escape Duct Tape

If you ever find yourself in a compromised situation and your hands have been duct taped together, don’t fear because

Open a safe in under 5 seconds!

Think your safe is safe?  Think again!  In this simple demonstration video Terry Whin-Yates shows how to open an electronic

Clean your record with wood glue??!

There’s an incredible video out there that shows how to clean your records with wood glue.  Yeah, you read that

Starbucks in 17 different countries

How many different Starbucks have you been to around the world?  If you have been luck enough to travel abroad

Is your life a sitcom?

think your life is like a sitcom?  Well this list from BuzzFeed will test you to see if you qualify:  

Watch this amazing mom get her four kids dressed!

Think you have a hectic morning?  Check out what this mom has to go through every morning just to get

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