Bitcoin ransom paid by hospital

In an unusual move, hackers who penetrated a hospital’s network security demanded their ransom money in Bitcoin instead of good old hard cash.  The digital currency is becoming more and

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Pope says to ‘build bridges not walls’… so church in SF hoses down homeless to make them leave

You’ve probably heard the news about the Pope’s response to Donald Trump’s comment about building a wall to keep foreigners

Hershey’s working to make healthier candy bars

Good news for anyone with a sweet tooth!  In an article by CBCNews, Hershey’s has decided to work towards making

Who are the five Most Mysterious People of all Time?

Throughout history there have been people who have gone unidentified, disappeared or remained anonymous despite the best efforts to track

Men Snowboard and Ski in NY

In this video we can see the YouTube creator, Casey Neistat, snowboarding down the streets of NY in the major

Microsoft Acquires MinecraftEdu

In 2014 Microsoft acquired the popular building block game called Minecraft. Microsoft has been pushing the game to many more

HP Sprout Pro Means VR 3D Printing

Next month HP’s Sprout Pro will be released with a steep price tag of $2,199. The specs of the machine

Glenn Frey Passed Away At Age 67

The Eagles’ guitarist, Glenn Frey, passed away at the age of 67 on January 28th, 2016 in New York. His

Former Power Ranger Stabs Roommate

Ricardo Medina, one of the former Power Rangers in Wild Force and Samurai, was arrested on January 31st over an

Not Today (The Building Is On Fire Remix)

Schmoyoho has done it again! They are the people that brought amazing songs such as Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder.

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The mysterious Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina

The Brown Mountain lights of North Carolina are an intriguing enigma that dates back more than 100 years to 1913, when a fisherman first reported the strange glowing lights coming

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When this boat’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

This is a pretty amazing video of a cruise ship that hits rough waters and the entire restaurant gets trashed.

Bitcoin ransom paid by hospital

In an unusual move, hackers who penetrated a hospital’s network security demanded their ransom money in Bitcoin instead of good

Black goo rains down in Michigan

A mysterious black goo fell from the sky in Harrison township in Michigan on Sunday.  The mysterious goo was localized

Quiz: How well do you remember Super Mario Bros.?

When I was a kid I saved my allowance for what seemed like forever in order to get my first

Sneaky sneakers keep washing up on shore, with feet still inside

In a bizarre series of events severed feet have been washing up on the shores of Vancouver since August of

Get your Google Groceries!

In another push for global domination and extending their efforts to take over your life, Google has decided to ramp

Someone lose a gun on Mars?

Check this out!  This is a picture taken by the Mars rover of something that looks like a gun.  In

5D data storage for your…picture … collection

Are you running out of room on your hard drive for all of those pictures you have?  Well the scientists

Hyperloop: because bullet trains are so 2010

Forget about the lowly 200 mph bullet train, it’s yesterdays news.  Enter Elon Musk’s 700 mph hyperloop transport.  It’s an

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